Assaults, thefts and impossible jumps


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Gunpoint is an action and platform game in which you play the role of a private detective equipped with a very special pair of pants which let him make take enormous leaps without any damages from the falls.

Using this ability (and a couple other aces up his sleeve), the lead character must take a series of jobs in which the objective will usually be to infiltrate certain buildings to get information, hack terminals, or steal an object.

But of course, buildings are usually protected by guards, cameras, and other security measures so you’ll have to be very careful during your incursions as you can die from just one gunshot.

One of Gunpoint’s strengths is the sheer amount of possibilities you have when completing each level. You can try to avid being seen by a guard and make it look like you were never there... or punch-kill each and every agent. It’s up to you.

Gunpoint is a very fun game that perfectly combines platforms, stealth and action. At times it reminds you of the class free game Trilby: The Art of Theft (also available on Uptodown), only with a more fluid and dynamic style.

The demo only lets you play the first few levels on the game.

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